April 18, 2017
Trail Development Updates

Alum Creek Trail, Olentangy Trail, Camp Chase Trail, Hellbranch Trail, Big Walnut Trail

Olentangy Trail Closure

August 1, 2017 to November 30, 2017

I-270 and SR 315 bridge construction continues over the Olentangy River and Trail this fall. A portion of the Olentangy Trail will be temporarily closed to complete the overhead highway bridge construction.  An alternate route has been provided in the links below.

Trail Closure Details

Alternate Route



Alum Creek Trail

  • Project Description: Johnstown Road from Alum Creek Trail to Cassady Avenue – connecting Krumm Park to Alum Creek Trail
    • Timeframe: 2019
    • Community: City of Columbus
  • Project Description: Connecting the Shepard and St. Mary’s Communities to trail
    • Length: 0.5 mile
    • Community: City of Columbus

Olentangy Trail

  • Project Description: Construct a connection between the Downtown Area District and the Olentangy Trail
    • Community: City of Columbus
  • Project Description: Olentangy River Road/Bethel Road to Antrim Park – widen the Olentangy trail from 9′ to 12′, add a trailhead and construct a multi-use path on Bethel to connect Olentangy River Road and Anheuser Busch
    • Timeframe: 2019
    • Community: City of Columbus

Camp Chase Trail

  • Project Description: Trail along Sullivant Avenue and Georgesville Road
    • Length: 0.3 mile
    • Community: City of Columbus
  • Project Description: Trail along Big Darby Creek
    • Length: 1 mile
    • Timeframe: 2020
    • Community: Franklin County Metro Parks

Big Walnut Trail

  • Project Description: Trail construction for Section 4 of the Big Walnut Trail
    • Length: 1.2 miles
    • Community: City of Gahanna
  • Project Description: Trail along Sunbury from Smothers to Maxtown Road
    • Length: 1 mile
    • Timeframe: 2017
    • Community: City of Westerville

Hellbranch Trail

  • Project Description: Connect Alton Hall Elementary School and two public parks to the Camp Chase Trail
    • Length: 2 miles
    • Community: Prairie Township