August 31, 2018
The Green Belt Network

Alum Creek Trail, Big Run Trail, Big Walnut Trail, Blacklick Creek Trail, Camp Chase Trail, Darby Creek Trail, Downtown Connector, Hayden Run Trail, Hellbranch Trail, Heritage Trail, Ohio to Erie Trail, Olentangy Trail, Scioto Trail, Rocky Fork Trail, T.J. Evans Trail


The six Green Belts now under development by Columbus Recreation and Parks
are a network of over 92 miles of trails winding throughout the urban fabric of the

Some of the region’s most famous trails – the Olentangy, Alum Creek, Scioto,
Blacklick, Camp Chase and Big Walnut – will form a system of interconnected
loops in Columbus. Ranging from four to 32 miles long, these beltways will offer
new ways to experience great parks, neighborhoods, culture and some of the best
scenery in the city.

Columbus Recreation and Parks’ five year plan, in tandem with our close partners
within Central Ohio Greenways (COG), looks to build 17 trail projects towards the
Green Belts network.

Green Belt Network maps (PDF)