May 9, 2019
Trail Development Updates

Alum Creek Trail, Olentangy Trail, Camp Chase Trail, Hellbranch Trail, Big Walnut Trail

Alum Creek Trail

  • Project Description: Johnstown Road from Alum Creek Trail to Cassady Avenue –connecting Krumm Park to Alum Creek Trail
    • Timeframe: Late 2019
    • Community: City of Columbus
  • Project Description: Shepard Connector — Connecting the Shepard and St. Mary’s Communities to trail
    • Length: 0.5 mile
    • Opens: July/2019
    • Community: City of Columbus

Olentangy Trail

  • Project Description: Extend existing northern terminus at Worthington Hills
  • Project Description: Henderson Rd Safety Re-route
  • Project Description: Arena District Connector — Construct a connection between the Downtown Area District and the Olentangy Trail
    • Community: City of Columbus
    • Under design — construction 2020
  • Project Description: Olentangy River Road/Bethel Road to Antrim Park – widen the Olentangy trail from 9′ to 12′, add a trailhead and construct a multi-use path on Bethel to connect Olentangy River Road and Anheuser Busch

Camp Chase Trail

  • Project Description: Final Gap — Georgesville Rd at Camp Chase rail crossing
    • Opens: July/2019
    • Community: City of Columbus
  • Project Description: Trail along Big Darby Creek
    • Length: 1 mile
    • Timeframe: 2020
    • Community: Franklin County Metro Parks

Big Walnut Trail

  • Project Description: Trail construction for Section 4 of the Big Walnut Trail
    • Length: 1.2 miles
    • Community: City of Gahanna
  • Project Description: Trail along Sunbury from Smothers to Maxtown Road
    • Length: 1 mile
    • Timeframe: 2017
    • Community: City of Westerville

Hellbranch Trail

  • Project Description: Connect Alton Hall Elementary School and two public parks to the Camp Chase Trail
    • Length: 2 miles
    • Community: Prairie Township
  • Project Description: Roberts Road Connector to Mudsock Trail Franks Park connection to West Rock Street