Regional COG trails wind through a mix of diverse communities and scenery.  From the nationally recognized Big Darby Creek to quaint old downtowns or the heart of arts and entertainment of downtown Columbus, there are attractions, quiet places to getaway, and lots of great food, events, and people to meet.

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Alum Creek Trail
Paved Surface | 24.4 miles
Big Walnut Trail
Paved surface | 7.6 miles
Blacklick Creek Trail
Paved surface | 15.8 miles
Camp Chase Trail
Paved surface | 33.9 miles
Darby Creek Trail
Gravel | 8.5 miles
Downtown Connector
Paved surface | 4.9 miles
Heritage Trail
Paved surface | 6.4 miles
Ohio to Erie Trail
paved surface | 48.4 miles
Olentangy Trail
Paved Surface | 14.8 miles
Scioto Trail
Paved surface | 10.2 miles
T.J. Evans Trail
Paved surface | 14.2 miles